The FinTech Firm, Diamante Blockchain, Raises $1.3M Through its Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on Wefunder

The company hits a significant milestone by raising funds from global angel investors and tech entrepreneurs and is heading towards the upper edge of its $2.3M goal. The Fintech company is also backed up by the visionaries building iconic companies.

Diamante Blockchain, the global fintech firm co-founded by entrepreneurs Dinesh Patel and Chirag Jetani, has raised over $1.3 million from Wefunder and other angel investors. The company said it would utilize the funds to upgrade and enhance its technology infrastructure. The funds will be deployed for product development and accelerating hiring and scale operations across the global markets.

The company co-founder and CEO, Dinesh Patel, said, “We aim to make our ecosystem really exciting for the rapidly evolving tech and innovation. Our DeFi products and services facilitate real-time value across the Diamante ecosystem and enable users to move assets instantly.”

“The fundraising campaign is receiving immense support from across the globe, and we aim to hit $2.3M,” he added.

“Our DeFi digital ecosystem represents the next-gen way of approaching multi-currency Fiat and digital asset payments in real-time, building innovative dApps and transforming the way businesses and individuals interact with fintech space,” added the co-founder and COO, Chirag Jetani.

The company’s DeFi payments application, PayCircle, is currently live in the beta version for market review. The application allows individuals and businesses to send, receive, or custody multi-currency Fiat and digital assets at a fraction of the current cost in real-time. The application’s FDIC insurance for USD custody is a prominent feature that beats the game among other top payment processors.

Also, Diamante’s other DeFi credit lending application, CreditCircle, is gearing up to offer instant and secured crypto-collateralized loans with hassle-free and easy KYC processes.

Diamante Blockchain offers a borderless, limitless, and secured foundation to empower businesses and individuals with its native digital asset, DIAM. The company provides financial freedom with its premium credit services. The company has recently announced its upcoming global NFT-Metaverse based auction universe that enables users to trade the world’s rarest and finest diamonds and artifacts.

The company’s fundraising campaign on Wefunder is heading towards its goal with significant momentum from across the globe.

About Diamante Blockchain:

Diamante Blockchain is a global, decentralized finance platform successfully implementing and developing a competitive blockchain-enabled ecosystem for trade, payments, and financing.

The Diamante ecosystem consists

(i) Proprietary blockchain network — Diamante Net

(ii) Consortium of luxury goods and service industry stakeholders — Diamante Consortium

(iii) DeFi payments application — PayCircle

iv) Exclusive NFT-Metaverse platform

Founded in 2018, Diamante Blockchain solves the most significant challenges threatening global commerce today.

1. Time-consuming multi-currency Fiat and digital payments

2. Expensive exchange rates and processing fees

3. Lack of access to instant and easy financing

4. Opaque and volatile transaction cost

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Creating a dedicated ecosystem for payments and financing by establishing concrete trust and ensuring full security.

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Creating a dedicated ecosystem for payments and financing by establishing concrete trust and ensuring full security.

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