Diamante Blockchain Partners with the Virtual NFT Confex, World’s Leading NFT Conference and Exhibition

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NEW YORK, March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The global Fintech & blockchain-based company, Diamante Blockchain Holdings Inc., announced its partnership with the world’s leading virtual NFT Confex. The partnership aims to embrace the fast-growing NFT realm taking the world by storm.

NFT is the trending innovation that has its presence in almost every corner of the world — from music to sports to fashion, real estate, insurance, and digital entertainment. It is state-of-the-art within the digital artwork space allowing artists to showcase and sell their authenticated works and transfer the ownership of an artwork or collectible.

The Virtual NFT Confex, organized by the Block Confex, is the world’s leading NFT Conference and Exhibition, bringing together the global NFT and blockchain, Metaverse & DeFi experts, entrepreneurs, and exceptional artists. The Virtual global conference, to be held on 30th March 2022, will have worldwide tech and art communities participating and sharing significant insights and solutions on how the NFT is reshaping the world and being the biggest disrupter of our lives today. The one-day global conference covers various discussions on the NFT ecosystems, marketplaces, tokenization, and the growing NFT communities. The conference will also provide an opportunity for NFT and tech enthusiasts to expand their networks.

Diamante Blockchain’s Co-Founder and COO, Chirag Jetani, will be one of the global keynote speakers at the Virtual NFT Conference, sharing and discussing the significance of NFT blockchain technology in today’s world. Chirag will be participating in the discussion on the future trends of NFTs and their role in hitting the mainstream of the virtual world.

Why Shouldn’t You Miss the Virtual NFT Confex?

NFT Confex will be a dedicated event that will bring together the big names who live and breathe in the NFT Space.

NFT Confex will cover all the latest NFT topics and Practical insights.

NFT Confex Guarantees Valuable takeaways to drive forward your own products.

Catch up with the leading NFT influencers around the globe.

Attend and beat your competitor with this NFT Confex event for all future NFT innovations.

NFT Confex is free to attend, will take place Virtually, and will stream Live!

Event Highlights:

500+ Attendees

30+ Speakers & Artist

4+ Virtual Networking Session & Live Chats

50+ Investors

The global Fintech firm, Diamante Blockchain’s wholly-owned subsidiary, DiamCircle, has also announced its expansion into the NFT world with its NFT-Metaverse based auction universe platform that embraces trading of the world’s historical & cultural (rarest and finest) Diamond, Jewelry, and Artifacts.

To participate in the Virtual NFT Confex, visit https://www.blockconfex.com/nftconfex/.

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